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Customers demand always-on business. How does yours fare?
05 Sep, 2021
Gone are the days when customers accepted that ‘phone lines are now closed', or a response to their query will take ‘2-3 working days’. The customers of today demand always-on service. It’s an expectation that failing to meet drives customers to more tech-savvy competitors.
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Clutch Recognises Sprint Innovations as a Top Software Developer in The UK
25 Jan, 2021
From day one Sprint has been about delivering the maximum possible value for our clients while maintaining the highest standards. We couldn’t be more thrilled for that dedication to have resulted in being named one of Britain’s top software development firms!
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How Technology Helped Our Clients Get Through 2020
05 Jan, 2021
Last year we saw unprecedented amounts of people working remotely for the first time, and it looks like that’s coming with us into 2021. For that reason, we spoke to our clients to see how technology has aided them in this shift to a different type of working.
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