Employee Screening

Eurocom C.I partner with Sprint Innovations to develop automated software-as-a-service employee screening platform, Xavier.

The Client

Eurocom C.I. Ltd, established in 2006, provides companies with a new style of pre-employment screening and vetting. A personal, fast and efficient service is designed to cater for both the domestic and international job seeker, providing employers with the background information they require.

The Problem

Fast employee screening turnaround times are essential for Eurocom C.I.’s clients, however the processes are complicated and can easily stall if candidates or references do not respond in a timely fashion. In order to scale-up, Eurocom C.I. needed to minimise manual tasks while providing an easy, seamless experience for their clients, candidates and references.

Our Approach

Sprint worked with the client to understand the end-to-end workflow of employee screenings to design a system that would be a pleasure for all to use. With so many different types of people needing to access the system, a user-centric approach was critical for success. Sprint set about understanding the personas of each user that would touch the platform, from internal screeners to previous employers providing a reference.

After prototyping the workflows for every user type and having them tried and tested by those who would ultimately go on to use the platform, Sprint began agile software development with two week sprints.

By constantly tracking the progress of development and monitoring scope creep, Sprint were able to give an accurate projected completion date every step of the way.

The solution

Sprint created Xavier, a multi-tenanted web application based on Java, Angular, and Google Cloud Platform.

Xavier allows Eurocom C.I.’s clients to add new candidates then automatically reminds all parties to complete their responsibilities in good time to meet service level agreements. Some screening checks are automated, and stakeholders can login to Xavier at any point to see the status of their screenings and download reports.

The Results

The platform allowed Eurocom C.I. to massively increase their workload without increasing the size of their team, thanks to the efficiency gained from automation and having everything in one place. Since launching Xavier, Eurocom C.I. also went on to win new contracts thanks to the ease of use and delightful user experience of the platform.

Sprint continues to work with Eurocom C.I. supporting and maintaining Xavier with big plans for further functionality and improvements.

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