Freedom to Live

Spaces pioneer an extraordinary co-living concept with Sprint as their technology partner.

The Client

For owners and renters alike, the lettings market continues to be dated, unreliable and expensive. Why should something as fundamental as finding a home be so difficult? Spaces is an experienced, professional rental operator. They lease properties directly from owners and transform them into Spaces-compliant homes. Their renters receive great quality, all-inclusive rentals with amazing customer service.

The Problem

With the ambition of being the go-to people for living accommodation, Spaces knew they needed some world class technology to take them there.

After a period of using off-the-shelf software to successfully build the business, those solutions were not scalable to fulfill Spaces’ ambition. Nor were they able to give renters or owners the first class experience Spaces wanted to provide.

The Solution

Sprint created two web platforms for Spaces built on the Google Cloud Platform: A customer facing website for tenants to find and rent their perfect living accommodation entirely online, plus an internal application for the Spaces team to manage their daily operations. The system automates many tedious and time consuming processes, such as tenant screening and rent collection.

The Results

Tenants are enjoying a hassle-free renting experience whereby they can arrive on the Spaces website and have the contract signed in under 10 minutes. As a result, both website conversion rate and the volume of reservations are up – allowing Spaces to sell their stock faster than ever before. This has increased the pace at which Spaces are able to bring on new stock and expand.

We are constantly adding new features, with more exciting results after every release.

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