Keeping London Clean

Cleaning agency Mop and Broom enjoy massive growth in London, powered by Sprint.

The Client

Mop and Broom are a London based cleaning company, aware of how it can feel like a big risk to let somebody into your home. Cleaning services are usually expensive and difficult to organise for busy professionals, so Mop and Broom decided to make it available to a much wider market, using a simple and reliable booking platform built and powered by Sprint.

The Problem

Booking a cleaner in London was often a risky and painful process. Existing cleaning agencies did not accept online payments or the ability to manage your regular cleaner’s schedule online. At the same time, the logistics of managing a high volume of customer bookings was very challenging to ensure the right people and equipment were at the right place at the right time. Not to mention managing invoicing and cash.

The solution

Sprint worked with Mop and Broom to create a system that managed the entire business. From a customer’s point of view, they can book and manage their regular clean – while not needing to worry about drawing cash out to pay their cleaner.

Cleaners use the system to view their schedule and where they need to be, while Mop and Broom can view automatic wage calculations, resulting in very little administration time to run the business.

The Results

The convenience for customers of managing their regular clean online complete with automated billing has resulted in huge success, with the number of cleans exceeding 8000 per year.

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