Where’s my deposit?

The Depositary and TDS help tenants and letting agents avoid those end-of-tenancy headaches, with Sprint.

The Client

The Depositary are here to make the end of a tenancy a breeze for all involved. We know that the end of a tenancy is rarely fun for anyone. It’s time-consuming, stressful and heavily legislated. The Depositary was born to transform the way agents, landlords and tenants interact from notice right up to refund.

The Problem

The rental landscape is changing fast. For tenants, landlords and agents alike it can seem like a complex, all-consuming beast of an industry. The ever increasing legislation, whilst well intentioned, has left many confused, overwhelmed and often unclear of their rights and responsibilities. Layer on top of that the new digital universe or constantly evolving proptech landscape, and the opportunities are almost as confusing and intimidating as they are exciting.

The solution

The solution was The Depositary, a software-as-a-service responsive web application created with Java, Angular and Google Cloud Platform.

The Results

Insights from tenants have shown that 90% find the platform ‘much easier than the usual process’, as well as find the Timeline feature ‘Useful & Transparent’. Tenants gave the overall experience of the platform a 9/10, with 30% rating a whole 10/10! 80% of tenants who have used the platform would choose an agent that uses The Depositary over one who does not.

The client’s internal calculations deduced that on average, in-house administration is reduced by approximately 75%, which equates to saving around 450 working hours per year in an average sized branch.

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It’s a goal!

Sprint’s solution is helping China achieve their goal of becoming a world football superpower by 2050.